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148 Lafayette Street Newark, NJ 07105
Ph:  973-589-6352
Fx:  973-817-7607

  Bienvenidos a Centro Orensano,  

an establishment filled with culture, folklore, food, and lively memories! 
This organization in Newark, NJ was founded in 1964 by a group of Galician men predominatly from the region of Ourense, Spain.  These men immigrated to the United States with the hopes of a more prosperous life.  They wanted their heritage to remain an integral part of the lifestyle for their family, friends, and future generations.  From it's humble beginnings in a single room on Pacific Street, to having its own banquet hall on Lafayette Street, the Centro Orensano has grown into a place where families and friends unite to share in the Galician traditions brought here from Spain.  When one thinks of Centro Orensano, the following comes to mind: Gallego folklore music and dancing, customary festivals, card playing, soccer and savory Spanish dishes.  There is a sense of family among all members which is exhibited through the great deal of pride these individuals have in both their culture and in this institution.  We hope to continue maintaining this establishment as a respected cultural facility for practicing our traditions.  All members and their families are invited and encouraged to become involved in the activities 'The Centro' has to offer.

Centro Orensano Social Club’s mission is to develop our rich cultural, sporting, and recreational traditions; both
Galician and Spanish while maintaining and cultivating relationships with Galician, Spanish and other
Hispano-American associations who share the same goals. 
The Centro Orensano is a non profit organization.

There is a common Gallego saying known as, "A Cabra Sempre Tira Ó Monte."  This idea relates to who our members are in a sense that although we have established our lives far from the homeland, our culture will always flourish.  We are a group of proud Spaniards who never neglect our roots.  We maintain our cultural traditions alive by sharing them with current and future generations of our Centro Orensano family. 

Galicia para el Mundo!  Que viva España!

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